May. 1st, 2009

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I am so over being sick. I know it sounds lame but it's really cramping the muse, among other things. It's just that the muse and I? We haven't been on good terms since getting sick, though we did have a temporary truce in April...

  1. Elected Silence, Sing to MeThere is no time left for regret. Castiel POV. Castiel, Dean, Sam, Bobby, OFC, OMC. (Gen) R. Word count: 1844. Why, yes, I did write a story that features a female version of Castiel. And there's more on the way. I guess that makes this self-indulgent in that I really want to explore the impact of gender on the character.

  2. I want you above meWhen I think about you, I touch myself. Outsider POV. Dean/OFC. (Het) NC-17. Word count: 807. Why, yes, I did write a completely self-indulgent story in the Gobsmacked 'verse. My porn-fu lives.

  3. She's Tailor Made to OrderIt wasn't his fault some knife-wielding psycho masquerading as a ritual magician came charging at him with a knife. Dean. Dean/OFC, Sam, Jo. (Het) NC-17. Word count: 2393. Why, yes, I did write a completely self-indulgent story in the Strange Angels 'verse. More porn with a side of hurt/comfort...

I've already started writing a new story that's looking like it will be a longer fic, though not multi-chaptered. It's something I never intended to write and it cuts into the other stories that I am working on but, hey, I'm trying to be kinder and gentler to my muse - even when she hits me square in the eyes with a wooden hammer and intones "Write this."


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