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only change can bring you out of the darkness

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Birthdate:Aug 11
Location:Colorado, United States of America
I think you better cut off all that hair,
throw it out the window,
climb down from that tower,
flip the wicked witch the finger —
ain't no use to wait for him to get you.
He's out chasing his own demons.
Not like you can really blame him —
you've got demons of your own.

Cinderella stepped out of her glass slippers,
threw down that new apron,
put on a pair of old Doc Martens
and stomped right out the door.
The prince was still chewing on his bacon
as she hit the open road,
said life is full enough of disappointment
to go kissing any toad.

— Excerpts from "Prince Charming" by Jim's Big Ego

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